Welcome to Yanto's Place

2 storey wooden style beach house located right on the beach of beautiful white sandy tropical island will be your host during your surf session in mentawai islands.

Together with our own recipe of spices and ingredients of exotic food and local mentawai talented surfer as your surf guide surely will make your surf trip to mentawai islands will be full of genuine hospitality atmosphere.


White sandy beach, glassy salt water, countless of hermit crabs, cute little fish and all the beautiful sea creatures hidden on the sidelines of beautiful coral reef suddenly around you once you arrive on the island .

Fresh coastal breeze blowing between coconut trees as far as you eyes can see and plenty of exotic birds, butterfly, wild orchids for your convenience during sunset after exiting surf session on the surrounding coast line of mentawai islands.


surf mentawai islands and white sandy beach together with perfect glassy salt water for your convenience.....

Within walking distance to world class breaks like ebay, Pit Stop and Bankvault's, Yanto’s Place is located in the surfers epicenter of the Northern Mentawai Islands.

A short boat ride takes you to the world famous Playgrounds.  With numerous breaks available our experienced surf guides will take you to the best possible spots for the given conditions.


From Yanto’s place to nipussi only 10 minutes walking, to pit stop only 20 minutes walking, ebay 30 minutes walking and beng beng 1 hour walking. We only suggesting for our guest  to walk only if they want to go to nipussi and pit stop by walking, the rest we suggested using boat to get to the surf spot.

We have all the suitable amenities and facilities to serve our guests with genuine hospitality of the local culture. Yanto's Place will provide an authentic experience while exploring the atmosphere of mentawai.

Design with unique mentawai characteristic, and white sandy beach for your pleasure accompanied by experienced local surf guide surely will make your surf time in mentawai islands like something that dazzled the fibre of brain memory, the memories like never been before.

Born by incredible natural talent, give all the local surf guide at Yanto’s Place has the local knowledge to take the guest to the most exquisite surf spot available.

Yanto’s Place only using local surf guide that born in the area. They know all the available surf spot including the invisible one for others to know.

Now, yanto and his experienced team running yanto’s place with indigenous hospitality of true native mentawai. This kind of personal touch services surely makes all the guest who stay at yanto’s place experiencing the true mentawai local atmosphere during their time in mentawai islands.


Becoming the first generation of local mentawai that surf and also the true living legend of local mentawai makes Yanto is one of the most experienced surf guides in the Mentawai Islands. In the 90's he was already there discovering surf spots with the pioneers of the Mentawai. Yanto does a great job as surf guide as he really knows the conditions and  he is able to get you to the right places with low crowds.

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As a senior member from the local family that established muara siberut village, Usdek has involved in almost every project of surf accommodation located on the surroundings of siberut island. Accommodation like kandui resort, kandui villas, wave park, pitstop hills are one of the place that he was involved during construction phase.

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Managing and running yanto's place administration, guests, agent relations and ground hadling.

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Becoming one of the best local talent that mentawai has, makes andi is the perfect figure for all the surfers that want to taste mentawai wave with the genuine local mentawai hospitality.

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Didit was born in muara siberut and yanto big brother also as the first generation of local mentawai that surf, makes didit surely know all the surf spot spreading across the shore of mentawai islands.

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Yanto’s Place…..  taste the true local atmosphere of mentawai islands

How to get there ?
After landing on Minangkabau airport, the journey continue with crossing the strait between Sumatra island and Mentawai archipelago. We highly recommend our guests to match their trip schedule with fast boat schedules which connect Padang and Siberut, Mentawai ( leaving from Padang harbor every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to Siberut harbor at 7 o'clock in the morning).

We are recommend fast boat Mentawai Fast for transportation from Padang city in mainland Sumatera to Siberut harbor, Mentawai. 
From Siberut harbor, our lovely guests will take another 1,5 hour ( depend on the weather ) boat ride to our cozy, wooden style beach house in Masiasiat village, Masokut island - Mentawai archipelago, Indonesia.

Anaileoita ...... welcome to mentawai.

Mentawai Fast

Mentawai fast speed boat spend about 3 to 4 hours ( depends on the weather ) from muara padang harbor to siberut harbor, mentawai islands.

Mentawai fast schedule:

Every Tuesday:

Padang - Sikabaluan - Siberut, depart approximately at 7:00 am from muara padang harbor and arriving in siberut harbor, mentawai approximately at 1.30 pm

Siberut - Padang, depart approximately at 2:30 pm from siberut harbor, mentawai and arriving in padang harbor approximately at 6.30 pm

Every Thursday:

Padang - Siberut, depart approximately at 7:00 am from muara padang harbor and arriving in siberut harbor, mentawai approximately at 10.30 am

Siberut - Sikabaluan- Padang, depart approximately at 11:00 am from siberut harbor, mentawai and arriving in padang harbor approximatelyat 6.30 pm

Every Saturday:

Padang - Sikabaluan - Siberut, depart approximately at 7:00 am from muara padang harbor and arriving in siberut harbor, mentawai approximately at 1.30 pm

Siberut - Padang, depart approximately at 2:30 pm from siberut harbor, mentawai and arriving in padang harbor approximately at 6.30 pm

Rate per person :

Mentawai fast ticket : Rp 300.000 (Padang - Siberut / one way )

Yanto's Place serve all the guests with the suitable amenities and great facilities together with genuine hospitality of local mentawai . You’ll be exploring the true mentawai with the taste local atmosphere.





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