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Becoming the first generation of local mentawai that surf and also the true living legend of local mentawai makes Yanto is one of the most experienced surf guides in the Mentawai Islands. In the late 90's he was already there discovering surf spots with the pioneers of the Mentawai. Yanto does a great job as surf guide as he really knows the conditions and  he is able to get you to the right places with low crowds.

Yanto, was born in Maura Siberut, a small copra port on Siberut’s east side, before there was electricity or even a cash economy. He learned English and how to surf from European hippie backpackers transiting Sumatra back in early 90’s. A professional guide, Yanto runs “cultural tours” upriver to remote jungle villages on Siberut, the Mentawai’s largest and most populous island. Under Yanto’s bemused watch, western tourists with a yen for the esoteric can brave dengue fever to swelter in traditional thatched umas watching tattooed shamans in loincloths divine chicken entrails and perform the “Dance of No Meaning.”

A cultured man with a tailored haircut and a house across the strait in Padang, he receives many of his clients via email. He enjoys good health, alternative rock and air conditioning. He has no desire to grovel in the mud or return to the ghost-filled night forest. He does not hear the calling to become a shaman.

Still, this is his home. He sees the unstoppable mutations globalization is inflicting on his people. A pragmatist, Yanto knows there’s no going back. He reasons that the only thing he might be able to change is change.

Now, yanto and his experienced team running yanto’s place with indigenous hospitality of true native mentawai. This kind of personal touch services surely makes all the guest who stay at yanto’s place experiencing the true mentawai local atmosphere during their time in mentawai islands.

Yanto’s Place…..  taste the true local atmosphere of mentawai islands.

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